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What a vision! It's not something any individual or single organisation can achieve: It's a task for the Church of Jesus Christ . It has been done before in Britain and it can be done again by the power of His Spirit.


There is an amazing picture in the Book of Nehemiah and it's of a spiritual city whose walls are built as a defence against the enemy. It's a city with lots of gates leading into it; each of them an entry point for different kinds of people. The Fish Gate for the merchants, the Dung Gate for the dropouts of society, the Gate of the Guard for the military and so on. If we are going to win this nation for Jesus then we need to build these ‘gateways' into the Kingdom of God that are tailor made for all the different kinds of people in our society. There's no single approach to the task of evangelism that will work for everyone.

What an impact we would have if our communication of the Gospel were more fine tuned to the language and thought patterns of the labourer, the professional, the artist, the aristocrat, the elderly, the military man, the immigrants and the dropouts of society.



There's another picture in the Book of Nehemiah and it's his absolute refusal to allow Sanballat and Tobiah any part in the rebuilding of the city. These two were the enemy and they were kept right outside the city with a constant guard against infiltration or attack.

With the building work well under way, Nehemiah goes back to Susa where he was cupbearer to the King; then sometime later makes a second visit to Jerusalem . On his return he is outraged to discover that a grandson of the High Priest is now married to the daughter of Sanballat, and Tobiah himself has been given an apartment in the Temple . Worship has ground to a halt and the people are utterly compromised.


When Christ returns, I wonder what He's going to find in Britain ? Is he going to find a nation once more honouring Him as the Son of God, or will he find a secular society – a Church that is compromised, sleeping with the enemy and working hand in hand with the respectable forces of evil?

Here at International Films, we have committed ourselves to help build a strong, pure Church and to provide that Church with the best communication we can achieve to help open up all the different ‘gateways' into the Kingdom of God .
Mike Pritchard

CEO International Films