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INTERNATIONAL FILMS is a UK Registered Charity No: 261968

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UK Registered Charity No:261968

Over the years we have tried to supply the Church with audio visual materials that are of a professional quality, with plenty of spiritual, emotional and psychological depth.

We have sought to use our gifts in a way that will help to build the Church of Jesus Christ, and constantly move the believers towards spiritual maturity.

We have tried to supply materials that Christians can show to others who are not of our Faith or convictions, without embarrassment or without fear of causing offence through lack of sensitivity.

As a non-profit organisation which is working with a powerful but expensive medium, we are constantly dependant on other Christians who have benefited from our programmes or support the work we are doing. If you would like to join them by making a donation towards this work, your gift would be very much appreciated - no matter how small it is.

In the Autumn of 2003 we joined with CTA, an organisation with the same aims and objectives as our own, and Verite Creative Marketing, to form a new distribution company, Trinity Vision, that would handle all our own programmes and an increasing number of other producer's material that fits in with our own objectives.

Any items purchased from this site will be supplied by Trinity Vision and payments made to Trinity Vision.
For your security we are using the PayPal secure system to handle all your credit card purchases.  
For enquiries concerning the purchase of programmes, please contact:

Phone: 0845 166 8464 (in the UK)
Email: sales@trinityvision.co.uk

For enquiries concerning the content of our programmes, please contact:

Phone: 00 44 (0)1825 768800
Email: info@internationalfilms.org