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Work is also well on the way for completing the second episode on William Tyndale. In January, we recorded the sound track at the Churches Television Centre in Bushy, Watford . Russell Boulter, formally of ‘The Bill’ played the part of William Tyndale with real passion and conviction, and it was great to meet up with Timothy Bateson again who played Cardinal Thomas Wolsey and one or two other parts.

Our relationship with Timothy goes back a long way. Some of you may remember him as the wise old Shepherd in “Tanglewoods’ Secret” and the night porter in “Treasures of the Snow” who discovers Lucian in the hotel lobby, after his perilous journey over the mountains. Timothy kept us all intrigued and amused with his endless stories of working with Sir Lawrence Olivia, Sir John Gielgud and a host of other well known names.

Also in production is the John Bunyan story. John Bunyan was the author of 'Pilgrims Progress', the world's most published book after the Bbile. Once again the voices for this episode were recorded in London and the animation work is now in progress.

ERIC LIDDELL “Chariots of Fire”
Work has begun on the script for the Eric Liddell story as the fourth in the series.

Eric Liddell is well known as one of the heros of feature film 'Chariots of Fire.' Our animated version starts with his Olympic aspirations, but continues the story into his time as a missionary in China, culminating with his death in a Japanese internment camp during the Second World War.


As a part of the William Tyndale story we did an interview with Professor Daniell, President of the William Tyndale Society. This interview will be on the DVD as one of the extra features. What a fascinating and moving story it is. We were completely inspired hearing about the background to this man of God who brought the first English Bible to this country. Who can say what the impact has been of this one life – a man who dedicated himself to serve God and paid the highest price for it. In 1594 Tyndale was burnt at the stake as a heretic. And his heresy? Putting the Bible into English so that the ordinary people could read the word of God for themselves.

Such was the power of the Church under Cardinal Thomas Wolsey that they didn’t want the people to think for themselves, lest they should revolt against the authority of the Church. Thank God for men like William Tyndale who refused to be held down and submit to such an atrocious law.